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Education Leaders say…

“Your message was powerful, thought provoking, and inspiring. The positive comments from over 500 administrators, school board members, teachers, and support staff have been flowing throughout our district and the community since your visit. I know our students are truly going to benefit because of the way you were able to touch all of us who heard your presentation. You challenged us to serve, and we are going to respond and great things are going to happen because of your efforts.”

—Dr. Ric Dressen, Superintendent, School District 206 – Alexandria, Minnesota

“Professor Joe is truly a teacher’s teacher.  He not only inspired me and equipped me to ‘stay the course’ in making a difference in the lives of our students, he’s shown me how and why I should be reaching out to support, train, and mentor other teachers who may have lost their way in this wonderful profession.”

– Derrick Farmer, Two-time Teacher of the Year, Leon & Jefferson County School Districts (FL)

“Wow! is all I can say.  I heard so much about Professor Martin prior to attending one of his programs, and I can’t begin to describe the powerful impact he made on our students, teachers, and administrators.  I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself.  Not only did he live up to the expectations that preceded him, he surpassed them.  What a wonderful, living role model he is, not only for our teachers, but particularly for our students.

- Essie Pace, Assistant Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (FL)

“I can’t thank you enough for speaking at the National Education Association “Challenge for Change” National Conference in Colorado Springs. According to the feedback and evaluations we received from the attendees, you were easily the highlight of the entire event. Your message on servant leadership was exactly what we needed to recharge their batteries. Literally dozens of school district representatives have asked me how they could get you to come to their school district to address their staff. Thanks again for making me look so smart for bringing you in to speak.”

— Claudia Edwards, National Education Association – Washington, D.C.

“Professor Martin was the highlight of our district-wide annual awards celebration ceremony.  Even months after the event, our district is still talking about the power of his unique message – from the principals to the custodial workers.  We’ve never invited a speaker to address such a large group before. And now they’ve already asked me about having Professor Martin to come back again next year.”

- Bill Montford, School Superintendent, Leon County (FL), and former “Florida Superintendent of the Year”

“Professor Joe Martin ignites the audience with his passion for the profession of teaching. He shares from personal experience how teachers can change the lives of their students. Joe believes teachers should not let money or other outside influences stop them from following their calling, so he shares his innovative ideas on how teachers can supplement their incomes. Joe helped me look inside myself and to remember why I am in this profession – to serve students! He also reminded me that I can succeed financially, as well as professionally, when I put my heart and head together.”

—Beth Hammock, Communications Director, Independence School District – Independence, Missouri

“Professor Martin was overwhelmingly the highlight (and talk) at our national conference entitled ‘Challenge for Change.’ His dynamic message and heart-wrenching stories on serving students is one that everyone in education, regardless of their position, SHOULD hear. Not only will his message touch your heart, it will inspire you to take action. I would highly recommend that school districts take advantage of his talents as a speaker and trainer. Not only is he a passionate speaker, he can relate to teachers on an emotional and personal level that comes from being a committed teacher himself.”

—Katrina Thirbenny, Organizational Specialist, National Education Association – Washington, D.C.

“ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! Was the overwhelming response to Professor Joe Martin’s ‘Give & Grow Rich’ presentation. I am certain we will have requests for Joe’s services from other associations and school districts. We have already referred people to his web site who said, ‘they want more of him.’”

—Nancy Pereira, State Conference Coordinator, Utah Education Association

“Professor Martin’s words were exactly what I needed to hear during this time in my life. I have started looking at my position and life in a different way since his presentation. It’s not all words either…I have set up a plan for my staff and my student workers in my department. Professor Martin really touched my heart, and I really appreciate what he did for me that day.”

—Glenna Bower, Director of Recreation and Fitness – University of Southern Indiana

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful words, insights, and strategies you shared with our new teachers at the “Transition To Teaching” program last week. I know that you truly touched the hearts of everyone present – based on the comments I’ve already received from them. You made a very positive impact on our new teachers, and made their “transition into teaching” that much more meaningful and memorable. In the long run, you will also have a very positive impact on the students of Pasco County. I want you to come back next year and do it all over again.”

—Terri Brown, Staff Development, Pasco County School Board – Land O’ Lakes, Florida

“By far, your program was the most popular and most talked about program at our annual state conference. They say that staff and administrators can be one of the toughest audiences to connect with; but your energy, humor, personal stories, and metaphors, not only got everyone to pay attention, but more importantly, you got them to feel your message and your passion. You definitely have a unique way of encouraging people and at the same time challenge them to give a little more and be a little better. I guess that’s what makes you a great teacher. You’d make a great administrator, but I know that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Keep teaching. By the way, we want you back next year!”

—H.A. Scott, Associate Executive Director, Florida Association of Community Colleges

“Your ‘Give & Grow Rich’ program was exactly what our new teachers needed before the school year started. What can I say, you came highly recommended and you still managed to exceed our expectations. You were inspiring and motivational as well as instructional. Your unique style of enthusiasm, humor, and imagery captivated our teachers and held their attention from beginning to end. I can’t tell you how much they raved about you after the event. Not only did you ensure the success of our new teachers, you planted seeds in them that will benefit our students for years to come. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

—Dr. Cathy Wooley-Brown, Director, Florida Charter School Resource Center

“Joe’s presentation was outstanding…from the verbal comments made by our staff and trainees, especially the comments gathered in the evaluations from our administrators, there is no question that Joe’s session was the best received and made the biggest difference.”
– Henry J. Jibaja, State Director, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA – FL)

“Joe is truly dynamic. He has the total package…he not only holds his audience’s attention through his showmanship, humor, and heart touching stories, he has a story to tell. I would recommend Joe to anyone who has a staff who needs to hear it like it is and how it can and should be. He can light a fire under anyone.”
– Dr. Thomas Rezek, School District of Escambia County

Business Leaders say…

“Joe is a real talent, but more importantly, his heart is in the right place.  There is a great need for what he has to offer, and I’m delighted to know he’s in the speaking and training field.”

–  Zig Ziglar, International Speaker & Best-Selling Author

“There are speakers who give a good message, and then there are speakers who change lives.  Joe is a life-changer who just happens to be a phenomenal speaker. He’s simply amazing!”

– Gary Tuerack, President & CEO, Tuerack Training International

“Unbelievable!  Very few people can demand the respect of military officers, especially if they’ve never served in the military, but you not only earned their respect, you blew their minds.  They’re even more clear on their purpose to serve our country than they were before.

– Honor Bell, Director, Chief Naval Education and Training

“I will never use the word impossible again.  We thought no one could every light a fire under this staff, but you proved us wrong.  The person who recommended you should get a raise.”

– Cheryl Mallory, Mail Carrier, U.S. Postal Service

“Every year we bring in some of the top speakers in the country, and Joe, you proved that either everyone else is overcharging us or you’re not charging us enough. We saw immediate results from our staff, and our execs can’t stop talking about you.”

– Deborah Malishan, Program Director, Central Intelligence Agency

Student Leaders say…

“You really love working with students and it shows…Your ‘Tricks of the Grade’ seminar really made a positive impact on me and changed my academic career.”

– Brian Thompson, Booker T. Washington High School (FL)

“This presentation is something I can carry with me for the rest of my life.  It has changed me.”

– Dawn Carolyn Hutson, University of Wyoming

“I’ve learned a lot about myself, my life, and my direction in life.  I loved your program, and you’re truly a wonderful speaker.”

– Leslie Winfield, University of Colorado

“The point I’m at in my life right now has been very difficult.  Your presentation gave me ideas and methods on what I need to do to take control of my life and make it the life I want.  Thanks.”

– Bridget Wade, University of Utah

“This is by far the best presentation I’ve heard at a leadership retreat.  It was deeply interesting, entertaining, as well as informative.”

– Rebecca Herter, Seminole Community College (FL)

“Your presentation was outstanding!  Words can’t explain the impact you had on our audience.  I never imagined how easy it was to succeed in college.”

– James Stevens, North Carolina Wesleyan

“Excellent presentation!  This was my personal wake‑up call.  There is a purpose for my life, and now I have the determination to achieve it. Thank you!”

– Dorian Harris, Student, Florida Southern College

Tricks of the Grade Students say…

“I attended your program last semester and purchased your book, and I did my best to implement all of the strategies that you outlined.  I’m proud to say that I received my first 4.0 of my college career this semester.” – Matthew Moring, University of Texas

“I went back to college with a different attitude about my work and my grades.  And guess what?  Both improved!  I got 2-A’s and 2-B’s.” – Musa Ndiovu, Student, Clayton College and State University

“This year I will graduate with my A.A. Degree, carrying a 4.0 G.P.A. (and I have two kids)!  Thank you for your strategies!” – Margi Revette, Student, St. Petersburg College

“After hearing your program, I didn’t receive any grade lower than a B! Do you believe in miracles? You were right, those strategies work!” – Maureen Robinson, Student, Loyola Marymount University

“I’ve already seen improvement in my grades three weeks into the semester!  College is now fun, since I stop obsessing about my grades.” – Marty Nickison, Student, Youngstown State University

“I want you to know that EVERY strategy you taught us has worked!  I can’t believe the grades I’m getting.” – William Yost, Florida Southern College

“I’ve received nothing less than a ‘B’ in my junior and senior year. I’m graduating cum laude.  Your program was a blessing to me.” – Ernie D. Charles, Student, University of South Florida

“Your program had me captivated from beginning to end.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about going back to class.” – Rachael Clark, Student, University of California Berkeley

“Your Tricks of the Grade seminar had to be the most useful program I’ve ever attended in college. I now realize what I’ve been doing wrong in school.” – Richard Biasco, Student, Chapman University

“I’ve proved them all wrong!  I, for the first time in my life, have a straight “A” average. Your ideas and strategies have helped me tremendously.“ – Nick Zateslo, Student, Rickards High School

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