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Six Reasons Why You Should Advertise on
RealWorld University’s Campus

1. RealWorld University NEEDS Your Products and Services.

RealWorld Students are right in the middle of making the most dramatic transition of their life. In spite of having almost no brand loyalties, RealWorld Students need to make numerous decisions about what to buy, from computers to clothes to what to eat during midnight study breaks.

2. Get in with the Ultimate “IN” Crowd.

RealWorld University Students are the ultimate “in” crowd. They are over two million strong, and as the leaders of their generation — Student Government presidents, resident assistants, club leaders, athletes, non-traditional students, etc. — what RealWorld University Students buy, wear, eat, and do shapes the habits of their peers. Through RealWorld University Students, you can help influence the buying habits of an entire student generation.

3. Reach the Nervous PARENTS Behind Each RealWorld University Student.

Behind every great RealWorld University Student are equally great (although nervous) parents. It is not surprising that many parents visit RealWorld University to find out how they can help their son or daughter. We even have special sections just for them! If you want to reach the parents of RealWorld University Students, you’ve found them right here at RealWorld University.

4. Stop WASTING Your Money.

Unlike other websites or types of media that target the 14-21 year old demographic, RealWorld University, by design, only attracts serious students who have the drive and determination to succeed in college. This means that 100% of every dollar you spend with RealWorld University will reach this extremely important audience.

5. PROMOTE Yourself in New & Exotic Ways.

Nowhere else will you find the mix of hyper-effective promotions that we offer. We can create customized campaigns that include sponsorships, contests, instant information distribution, E-mail advertisements, lead generation, and more. We guarantee that RealWorld University Students will be exposed to, interact with, and respond to your advertising message.

6. SIZE MATTERS, Sometimes.

Okay, we’re the largest (both in terms of traffic and content) educational site on college success and survival. But, so what? Our mission is to be the most informative, ground breaking, useful, revolutionary site on the entire planet that students will turn to when they want to figure out how to succeed in college! That’s what we do, and we do it very well. See for yourself!

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