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True Colors: Re-shaping Our Attitudes about Race & Ethnicity

Can’t we just all get along?

The reality is that most people can’t when it comes to racial and ethnic differences!

Statistics tell us that by the year 2025, minorities will be in the majority. Unfortunately, most of us are not prepared for this major change in demographics. As a result, intolerance among ethnic groups continues to increase. Legislative diversity initiatives have caused resentment rather than respect among the races. It’s time for re-education in education.

Let’s get REAL!

In order to take a stand against an issue, you must first understand the issue. There must be dialogue; and that dialogue must be open, honest, and REAL. We must be willing to admit and face our own shortcomings. True Colors starts the dialogue from a unique perspective of two former college roommates…one from the ghettos of Miami (an African American), and the other from the backwoods of Alabama (a Caucasian).

In this shocking, but touching program, Professor Joe Martin shares his soul with you about the racial struggles and challenges he and his roommate faced during their two years of living together. He will leave no stone unturned as he addresses issues that most diversity programs try to avoid, like:

· Interracial Dating
· The “N” Word
· Racists Parents
· Affirmative Action
· Racial Jokes
· Racial Peer Pressure

After this eye opening program, you will learn how to:

· Distinguish between being prejudice and being a racist.

· Understand the TRUE causes of racism and intolerance.

· Deal effectively with diversity through self awareness.

· Use the emotions of anger and hostility constructively.

· Guard your integrity by standing up for what is right, not just popular.

If you REALLY care about confronting racism on your campus, this program is a MUST!

Warning: Due to its revealing HONESTY, some audience members may feel a little uncomfortable with the program’s language and character depictions.

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