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It’s Good to be Ugly: Success Secrets of the Motivationally Supercharged!

· Are you constantly falling short of your potential?

· Are you doing just enough to get by?

· Has “good” or “okay” become “good enough”?

· Do you often feel “out of it” and lethargic?

If so, you may be suffering from a popular affliction called “cute-ness disease.” “Cute-ness disease” usually includes any of the following symptoms (as they relate to school, work, or relationships):

· Desire to give up
· Burnout
· Poor attitude
· Laziness and apathy
· Anxiety and worry

Professor Joe Martin has discovered what he calls “the greatest secret” of the motivationally supercharged… they’re too UGLY to be cute!

In his passionate and hilarious style, Professor Martin discusses the four ways the motivationally supercharged are different from the motivationally challenged.

In what students describe as “an unforgettable program,” Professor Martin will show you how to:

· Deal effectively with rejection and disappointment

· Become more persistent in the face of adversity

· Deeper your level of commitment to your goals and objectives

· Become more productive by tapping into more of your “hidden” potential

· Live with more courage and boldness

So, take a look in the mirror? The choice is quite simple:

You can choose to “be cute” and content with your current level of success&


You can choose to “be ugly” and committed to taking your success to the next level!

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