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Get a Grip: Taking Control of Your Attitude

This presentation is designed to help students take control of their mental and emotional attitude.

Are you in control?

Most students are looking to blame anything or anyone for “their” failure. True leaders realize that nothing is ever going to change unless they accept responsibility for changing them. Our attitude is either an incentive or deterrent to others. It starts with taking control.

It’s time to get real!

It is so much easier to take the credit than accept responsibility. While most people like to complain about the problems, only a few ever step up to implement a solution. This results in an environment that breeds a poor attitude. Heavy course loads, demanding parents, and boring teachers are becoming common excuses for ineffectiveness and poor attitudes in and out the classroom.

In this presentation, Joe shows students how to:

* Accept responsibility for their results as well as their actions.

* Become an “example” in school, instead of an “excuse.”

* Control the two greatest motivating forces in their lives.

* Practice what they preach by continually examining their own attitudes.

* Get off the emotional rollercoaster of anger, hopelessness, and frustration.

This program is great for any type of student program, including high school groups (year round).

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