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Give & Grow Rich: Success Strategies for Leaders

This presentation is designed to help faculty, staff, administrators, and student leaders get more out of their organization by giving more (through service).

Why am I here?

If you ask the “average” employee or organization member how he or she feels about their job/position, adjectives like frustrated, stressed, underpaid, overworked, understaffed and unmotivated would all be common responses. For these people, work feels more like a burden than a blessing. Most of them find themselves just “going through the motions.”

What’s the use?

Work without a reason can become a burden. When the problems become more important than the results, disaster is inevitable. Low morale, back biting, and constant complaining are all symptoms of a bigger issue: lack or loss of purpose. Success can only be achieved, sustained, and guaranteed through a staff’s unwavering commitment to service.

In this presentation, Joe shows staff members how to:

* Challenge themselves to serve others better.

* Unlock the secret of staying self-motivated even during the rough times.

* Lead others by being an example, not an excuse.

* Accept responsibility for their personal and professional development.

* Overcome obstacles by identifying their personality “blind spots.”

This program is excellent for staff development training, orientation/student leadership programs, and in-service training.

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