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Decide or Die!: Mastering Life’s Decisions

This presentation is designed to help students master the five most critical decisions of their life.

Where’s the commitment?

Students no longer take the education process seriously. Instead they decide to do just enough to pass (get by). Decisions are made with no commitment attached to them; as a result, students are going through school and life casually and ending up casualities.

We are our decisions!

Most students don’t realize that every decision they make both in and out of the classroom has an impact and a consequence. The decisions that were made four years ago have brought them to where they are today; the decisions that students make today will determine where they will be four years from now. All of these decisions will impact their outlook on life.

In this presentation, Joe shows students how to:

* Shape their future by mastering five critical decisions.

* Make better decisions by learning how to “borrow” the experience.

* Apply and master the “Slight-edge” principle.”

* Get off the fence and make a decision based on commitment.

* Determine their “end” from the beginning.

This program is great for any type of student program, including high school groups (year round).

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