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Tricks of the Grade: Strategies for Acing College

This presentation is designed to help students achieve academically by changing the way they think about school.

Why am I here?

If you ask the “average” college student how he or she feels about school, adjectives like frustrated, stressed, bored, confused, disorganized, unmotivated, and unfocused would all be popular responses. For these students, college is more like a a nightmare than a dream come true. Students find themselves just going through the motions.

Just four more years!

Then what? “Graduates” know that life actually begins in college; but unfortunately, school doesn’t use these four years to prepare students for the “real world.” Grades are important, but they pale in comparison to the importance of goal setting, effective communication skills, accepting responsibility, making decisions, and developing self confidence.

In this presentation, Joe shows students how to:

* Earn at least a “B” in every course. GUARANTEED!

* Get “inside” information from every professor.

* Stay motivated in spite of boring professors or courses.

* Position themselves for higher grades on the first day of class.

* Master the best kept secret to academic success.

* Ace boring courses and tough professors.

This program is great for freshman orientation, academic retention programs, and college prep workshops. Joe’s book, “Tricks of the Grade” can be purchased and autographed at the end of the program.

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