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Get a Pulse: Finding Your Purpose

This presentation is designed to help students find, accept, and live their life’s purpose.

Why am I here?

As the suicide, drop-out, and burn-out rates of students continue to increase, students are losing sight of the value of their lives. As a result, they are confused and unfocused because they lack a clear purpose. When there is no clear purpose for your life, there is no passion for it; and when there is no passion, there is no motivation to succeed.

Let’s get fired up!

Tougher requirements, increased competition, and information overload, are all perceived realities of college. But nothing replaces clarity of purpose. “Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off of our goals.” Purpose is the foundation of motivation, and the driving force behind all success. It is internally driven and remains in tact regardless of our circumstances.

In this presentation, Joe shows students how to:

* Identify, accept, and maximize their unique talents, skills, and abilities.

* Get and stay self-motivated and internally (not money) driven.

* Stop themselves and others from sabotaging their success.

* Become 100% committed to their purpose in spite of their problems.

* Turn their passion into profits

This program is great for freshman orientation, leadership retreats, and academic retention programs.

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