This topic has been talked about so much to the point of overkill. Therefore, instead of talking about the importance of time management, I thought the best thing would be to just offer you time saving ideas.

A few years ago, I read a book entitled “365 Ways to Save Time” by Lucy Hedrick. Lucy is a time management consultant (yes, there is such a thing). She’s conducted time management seminars for companies like IBM and Xerox, just to name a couple. Hey, if it worked for them, why wouldn’t it work for you?

My wife (she was the one who bought the book) and I have personally put Lucy’s tips to the test, and we’ve been thrilled with the results. Yes, they do work; that’s why I’m sharing these ideas with you. Of course, I’m not going to list all 365 of her tips (buy the book why don’t you), but I will list a few of her tips, along with some advice from others (in future updates).

Understand, all of these ideas may not work for you, but all you need is one that will; right? Here are 10 time cheating tips from Hedrick’s “365 Ways to Save Time”:

1. Today, choose ONE job that needs doing and get moving on it.

2. Tonight, prepare everything you need to get going tomorrow (i.e., put out the clothes you’re going to wear, and put your car keys, backpack, and wallet in one place ready to grab as you leave, etc.)

3. Set every clock in your house (and your watch) 15 minutes fast, and intentionally forget you did it.

4. If you don’t like to forget what you have to do, write it down. Then forget about it, and concentrate on more important things than remembering.

5. Resolve today to put away everything you take out. Also, straighten up one little corner of your world before something grows in it.

6. Add some supplies for waiting time to your backpack (i.e., class notes, textbook, etc.)

7. Next time your professor gives you an assignment, ask “What’s most important here?” (i.e., find out what his or her top priority is).

8. The next time you’re asked to serve on a committee or to volunteer for something, instead of saying “yes” right away, say, “I need 24-hours to think it over.”

9. The next time you meet a potential employer at a networking function, and they give you their business card, write on the back where you met this person, what was discussed, and follow up with a call or letter.

10. The next time you find yourself overwhelmed with a lot of things to do, identify only three top priorities each day until you complete them all.

Of course, there’s a lot more information on this topic, and RealWorld University will make it available to you. Keep stopping by to read the latest strategies, tips and ideas from the best sources. Remember, the key to wisdom is knowing “where” to look for the answers. At RWU, our job is to find the answers, your job is to apply them. Please come again, and make sure to tell a friend. Live purposefully, God bless!

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