Written by Lee LeBlanc

What you “think” while you workout is just as important as working out itself. Both are very crucial to getting the greatest benefits from your exercise routine. In fact, if you let your mind wander while you’re exercising, you will burn less calories than if you focus on the exercise and the muscle you’re working. The same goes for breathing; if you breathe shallow, you won’t take in enough oxygen to fuel your hard working muscles, thus burning less calories.

Here are some techniques I use to get the most out of my workouts.  Most are phrases I say anywhere between 3-10 times a piece as I workout. (Use this list or create your own power statements):

I am strong.

I am getting stronger each time I come to the gym.

I feel like working out today and challenging MY body.

I feel my muscles warming up.

I feel alive, powerful, healthy.

I am proud of my body and that I am in the gym – instead of watching TV.

I love coming to the gym and investing in MY body.

I will focus my mind on each muscle that I work. (Note: while you’re working out, say this at the start of each exercise. Then picture — while working out — in your mind the body part you are working.)

I am making progress and I know it takes time.

I will breathe deep. I feel my stomach expand. I feel my lungs pull the oxygen into my body. I feel my energy. (Say this as you take 10 deep breaths. Breathing in and out slowly, let your breath gently leave. Do this several times while you are in the gym and out of the gym.)

I can do this now.

I will do this now.

I believe in my determination.

I am a strong, proud woman/man.

I am a strong, proud, student/mother/etc.

I will have a fun and challenging workout today.

Building Body, Mind and Soul,

Lee LeBlanc is a student at Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft Myers, Florida. He’s currently working on his personal training certificate and a bachelor’s degree in a communication discipline.

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