To help you put some fuel (i.e., persistence) behind your passion, I want you to answer the following questions (without bias, judgment, or concern about what others might think, or how you might feel later). Just focus.

If God was sitting right next to you and said, “I want to use you, to work with you and through you in order for you to build my kingdom in heaven and serve others here on earth.”

1.) Would you accept His offer?

If yes, what if God responded, “If you accept this, I’m willing to give YOU the choice of how you would best want to serve Me and others (in any way your heart desires based on you unique gifts).”

2.) How would you choose to serve Him and humanity?

3.) In what setting (type of environment) would you want serve in (be specific)?

4.) If money and time was not a concern, would you be willing to serve in this way and in this type of setting for free and forever?

5.) Why would you want to serve in this way?

After you write your answer(s), compare your responses to your purpose (i.e., calling). Are your responses consistent with your purpose? If so, you’ve hit your passion. You are on the road to living your purpose. If your responses are not consistent with your purpose, you have to reassess your gifts (i.e., talents, skills, and abilities), as well as your motives behind using them.

Please let me know how everything works out after you complete this short exercise. Thank you again for visiting our campus, and please share the RWU gift with your friends. Best of luck to your future, and may you be richly blessed. Live purposefully!

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