A RealWorld Student writes:

Dear Prof. Martin:

My question is that I finally know what I want to study in college; it’s biomedical engineering. I want to transfer to another college to study it b/c my school doesn’t offer it. This is my second year. I don’t have the money to transfer, and my grade point average is not excellent, but I’m a hard working student and I’ve had a lot of problems and hard life. What should I do?

Dear RealWorld Student:

I will try to keep my response brief (which is no small task for me). Your question is a common one I’m constantly asked. I’m thinking that maybe I should write an article on this particular issue. However, I’ve outlined some suggestions you might want to consider:

1. Find a cheerleader — someone at your current school who believes in you and will be able to vouch for your character and connect you with other helpful people and resources.

2. Prove you’re worthy — schedule a time to either meet with or talk to the contact person at the college you would like to attend. Express your sincerity, and hope that they would see that you’re worth the effort (to help).

3. Visit the money store — talk to your financial aid officer (on your campus), and tell him/her about your situation — and ask for any suggestions.

4. Take it by the inch — instead of focusing on ALL of your tuition, try to stay focused on paying for one semester at a time. As the saying goes — by the yard it’s hard, but by the inch, it’s a cinch. Pretend you only need one semester to get your degree, and plan accordingly.

5. Consider borrowing — pretty much anyone can get a student loan (unless they’ve defaulted on a previous one). Look into applying for one (check with your financial aid officer on that). The good thing is that you don’t have to pay it back until six months AFTER you graduate (usually).

6. Keep ASKING — as you meet people, professors, and administrators on your campus, constantly ask them if they know of someone who could help you (just like you took the time to ask me). You may not meet the person who has the answer, but that same person may introduce you to someone who does. Keep asking.

7. PRAY! — Hey, it couldn’t hurt. I truly believe that “prayer changes things.” Prayer backed up by faith is a potent combination. I would have never graduated without it.

I hope this helps. If you have any additional questions, you know where we are. Take care and God bless. As always, live purposefully!

Living Purposefully — Prof. Joe Martin

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