Reasons to Exercise Your Student Body
by Lee LeBlanc

If you still need a reason to stay physically fit, here’s some additional motivation to live, feel and eat healthier:

1. “The body is the guest chamber for the soul” -Thomas Jefferson

2. Not only is your body a chamber for the soul, it carries your brain too!

3. Since you received your body for free, why not take care of it?

4. Exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain – Who can’t use that in college????

5. Increases your self-confidence. It shows that you have the ability to accomplish goals that you set for yourself, that you care about your health.

6. Increases your metabolism so you burn more calorie, even while you’re studying!

7. Makes your body produce endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers.

8. Helps fight the “freshman 10″ which is now more like 20 lbs. Ladies: the long hours of studying and partying mean that on the average you will gain 10-20 lbs your freshman year of college. Guys: you’re not off the hook, it just takes a little longer for you to show the weight.

9. Makes your body more effective and efficient. Working out will help you relieve stress and allow you to control it when it returns.

10. Gives you the competitive edge in the job market. Employers know they have to spend less on health benefits if the employee is healthy. When employers do blood tests to check for illegal drugs, they’re also checking for high levels of cholesterol and fats. No one wants to pay an employee who isn’t at work.

11. Makes you more attractive to the opposite sex – I don’t know about you, but I can use all the help I can get!

12. Makes your immune system stronger so you get sick less. As a student, you are going to meet people from all over the country and be exposed to all different kinds of colds and viruses you may not have had in your part of the country. The stronger your immune system, the greater the chance the new viruses won’t affect you, or at least not as severe.

13. If you believe in God, then you know God created your body. God didn’t create you to neglect your body! God created you to live a long, wonderful and active life with your body. After all two of the seven deadly sins mentioned are sloth and gluttony. Keep in mind, “The body is the guest chamber for the soul.”

14. Allows you to live a longer, fulfill your PURPOSE, and help others make the world a better place!!! You can’t make a difference in the world if you’re sick or dead.

15. Working out actually reduces your appetite – only temporary, but hey, if you’re working out, you’re actually able to eat more.

16. Helps you retain calcium and muscle as you age. Just take a look at your grandparents to see how important this is.

17. No other person on earth has the unique body that you have. It is one of a kind, the rarest treasure you will ever find and never have to look for!

18. Keeps your skin tight, preventing some wrinkles. Who doesn’t want to look younger?

19. Allows you to splurge with your eating habits once in a while and not feel guilty (because you workout — remember).

20. Keeps your metabolism from slowing too much as you age — after age twenty-five, your metabolism slows and that means you require less fuel. So if you continue to eat the same, naturally, you will put on weight — and if you are not working out, it will be converted to fat!

21. Exercise actually thins out the thickness of your blood so your heart can pump easier.

22. Lowers your resting heart rate so that you can live longer. The less your heart has to pump when its resting, the longer it will last (makes sense). That is the basic principle of any engine.

23. Will allow you to see your children, and their children, grow and play.

24. Makes you a role model for your kids. By becoming a picture of great health, you make them (your children) proud of you.

25. Increases your chances of living to a very old age with your loved ones.

26. Creates new arteries for blood to flow into your muscles, which means you burn more calories.

27. It’s fun if you do it right.

28. Relieves stress from school, boy/girlfriends, parents, assignments, tests, professors. Exercise can be a release from all your daily chores by occupying the mind in a totally different way!

29. Increases the capacity for you to do more work and feel less fatigued.

30. It is the only “material” thing that you will EVER own that can improve with use!

Building Body, Mind and Soul,


Lee LeBlanc is a student at Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft Myers, Florida. He’s currently working on his personal training certificate and a bachelor’s degree in a communication discipline (which he designed himself). Lee says that his purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and empower others to reach their true potential by coaching, mentoring, and teaching them how to reach a balance with their body, mind, and soul. You can write Lee with your questions or comments at

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