“You Get What You Focus On”

Hey RealWorld Student,

Here’s some food for thought. If you want results, walk any problem you’re having through this scenario for better answers:

Focus 5% on what you fear and 95% on getting educated and skilled to face it.

Focus 5% on the problem and 95% on the spiritual solution.

Focus 5% on the mistake and 95% on learning from it.

Focus 5% on who to blame and 95% on making sure to heal.

Focus 5% on the conflict and 95% on a win-win resolution.

Focus 5% on what to do and 95% on enjoying the process.

Focus 5% on your prayers and 95% on your faith in God and yourself.

Focus 5% on reading this and 95% on applying it.

You get what you focus on.

Until next time, live purposefully — Professor Martin

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