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How to Give an Effective Class Speech

A student writes RWU for advice on how to give an effective presentation for class. He was offered the following advice:

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Rebuilding a Broken Heart

Written by Schannon Love

Since I’ve been in college, I’ve had quite a few “miscellaneous” relationships that have ended in disappointment. However, to have your heart broken is entirely another experience. To have your heart broken means that you’ve exposed yourself in the most vulnerable ways to someone you perceived as worthy. Personally, to have my heart broken means that I’ve allowed my heart’s protective barrier to not only be penetrated, but to be torn down completely.

Broken hearts, many times, result in broken spirits, and your spirit is what characterizes your personality and the functions of your mind. A broken spirit makes us question areas in our life we once thought were secure and stable. We subconsciously find ourselves asking “Why?” when there’s really no logical explanation. Those of us who have encountered broken hearts must go through a reconstructive period, piecing back together our lives, our identities, our perceptions, and our independence.

A dear friend of mine was plagued with a broken heart, and all I could do was offer her words of encouragement. It was not my place, or anyone else’s place as a friend, to criticize her and the choices she had made in her relationship. Though it is hard to avoid being judgmental when a loved one has been hurt, it was my responsibility as a friend to let her grieve in her own way. All I could do was offer my ear to listen, my shoulder on which she could lean and cry, and my encouraging words with hopes of enlighten her darkness. This is what I wrote her: Read more »

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Training Your Body

Written by Lee LeBlanc

What you “think” while you workout is just as important as working out itself. Both are very crucial to getting the greatest benefits from your exercise routine. In fact, if you let your mind wander while you’re exercising, you will burn less calories than if you focus on the exercise and the muscle you’re working. The same goes for breathing; if you breathe shallow, you won’t take in enough oxygen to fuel your hard working muscles, thus burning less calories.

Here are some techniques I use to get the most out of my workouts.  Most are phrases I say anywhere between 3-10 times a piece as I workout. (Use this list or create your own power statements):

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Planting Your Spiritual Garden

When you plant this garden, may God richly bless you in your sincere endeavor. Read more »

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Purpose, Passion, Persistence Pull-ups

To help you put some fuel (i.e., persistence) behind your passion, I want you to answer the following questions (without bias, judgment, or concern about what others might think, or how you might feel later). Just focus. Read more »

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Finding Your Purpose

Your purpose is not something you create, it was already created for you. I call this the “promise.” Our job is to uncover our unique talents, skills, and abilities (i.e., our gifts) and use them to serve others for the purpose of our creator. Therefore, our purpose is the same, the only difference is the vehicle in which we choose to pursue it.

Listed below are some strategies that will help you uncover your uniqueness. How you choose to use those gifts to serve others will be entirely up to you. Read more »

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